Friday, January 24, 2020

Testimony of a teacher.

Here is a testimony from a teacher who confesses openly that she and her mother had been teaching the kids in pre-school the wrong sounds of the letters.

She had come to me to help her daughter to read.

I explained to her what was wrong and asked her to guide her daughter using my book 'Shut Down Kids'.

A few months later I checked with her and was plesantly surprised that her daughter had caught up with her reading.

Testimonial from the mother of a student whom I taught in 2017

This is a testimonial of the mother of Xaviera whom I taught in 2017.

Testimony from the father of my first student

Here is a YouTube testimonial that was given off the cuff by the father of my first student.

It was this student that got me all curious as to how come a smart student was unable to read in English.

He had gone to kindergarten for a year and then to primary one for another year and was unable to read in English.

He then was admitted into primary one instead of primary two into SRS Datuk Simon Fung.

He is not in his third year in a university in Adelaide doing an Accountancy Degree course.

Here is the testimony from his father.